As our new practice, a scheduled appointment is a must for transacting at our office. Inquiries will be attended online/phone and Sales office is open M-W-F, 8am – 2pm only. For further inquiries call (02) 8938-6173/0927-7661911.


  • ·         Php300 One-time policy fee applies per plan. 
  • ·         Plan is Fully Assignable and Fully Transferable. 
  • ·         Regular Chapel - can accommodate 50pax + 
  • ·         Premiere Chapel - can accommodate 100pax +
  • ·          First - Call Pick up : Pick up body from the hospital/residence within Metro Manila (20KM Radius)
  • ·         *Mortuary Service : Embalming and preparations of the deceased.
  • ·         *AGE REQUIREMENT: 18-75 years old if spot-cash  / 18-70 years old for -5pay

*Subject to availability of items and venue. In the event that any element of the packages is not available at the time of service, we shall provide a substitute of identical or superior quality.
*This contract and its benefits may not be transferred or assigned to another person or entity within thirty (30) days from the purchase of the same or its transfer or assignment to another party. Any such transfer or assignment that does not comply with the restrictive period shall be considered void.

FOR INQUIRIES : (02) 8938 61 73 / 0927 766 1911