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Ang tunay na pag-ibig hindi lang puro regalo , may PLANO! - Lola Nidora 

Who will think about the flowers ? Who will take care of the arrangements or the final resting place? Think about this things and ask yourself , When the time comes will you and your loved ones be ready ?

These are not easy questions to answer. And they won't get easier with time nor age. You plan for all major events in your life. Don't you think the final milestone deserves much preparation?

Your life plan service provider will take care of important details when the time comes. And since it's pre-arranged, it will cost a lot less than when you fix everything at the moment it is finally needed.

Truly, it's during moments like this you realized the value of being future ready.

Heritage Park and Philplans will take care all your memorial service arrangements for family and friends, so they can focus on remembering a life lived to the fullest.

Celebrate a life well live . Be future ready

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