As our new practice, a scheduled appointment is a must for transacting at our office. Inquiries will be attended online/phone and Sales office is open M-W-F, 8am – 2pm only. For further inquiries call (02) 8938-6173/0927-7661911.

There are three things we need to arrange when that time comes. These are - Memorial Lot , Mortuary Service and Interment Service. In this article we will focus on Interment Service Price offered in The Heritage Park.

We often hear the words "At-need and Pre-need Price" , to simply grasp their meaning "At-need" means there is a present need for the service ( gagamitin na ) while Pre-need is no need yet and the reason of buying is for future purposes.

Payment Term ( At-Need vs Pre-need )

Payment term for At-need is Spot Cash only while Pre-need you can choose from spot cash, one year and five year payment.

Service and Inclusions of Package ( At-Need vs Pre-need )

At-Need includes Deluxe Set-up ( Tent , Carpet Grass & Chairs ), additional payments for markers and other services.

Pre-need has the same inclusions and some packages includes markers already.

For inquiries and assistance contact (02) 938 61 73 / (+63) 9277661911

Below are the price of At-need and Pre-need Interment Package. 


The Heritage Park Taguig City Interment Service Package Plan At-need


The Heritage Park Taguig City Interment Service Package Plan Pre-need

** Has age requirement ( acceptance age).

** RSCordero&Assoc also known as Gladiola Marketing is an authorize sales marketing of Philplans and Heritage Park (Investors)**

**All Memorial Plans are made available via Philplans, the exclusive life plan provider of The Chapels at Heritage Park.  **

Disclaimer: This is for announcement and general information purpose only. 

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