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Memorial Lots
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The Heritage Park Lawn Lot - Memorial Lot 

Comprising of a single plot that can accomodate up to 2 full body vaults at double depth burial. The Heritage Park’s Lawn Lots offer a simple yet truly appropriate memorialization option for those seeking to forever cherish the memory of their loved ones.
Heritage Park Lawn Lot

Lot Price : 224,000 - 336,000
                 (click here for price list)
Transfer Fee: 3,000
Lot size: single plot 1.00m x 2.44m (2.44 sq.m.)
Capacity: Double depth burial for 2 full-body vaults
Memorial Structure: A solid 16”x28”x3” granite or bronze marker is allowed


The Heritage Park 8-Plot Garden Lot - Memorial Lot

The Heritage Park’s Garden Lots provide the perfect memorialization option for families who seek to provide a proper tribute to their departed loved ones. These lots can contain up to 16 full body vaults at double depth burials. Garden Lot owners also have the option of building an 18-inch high granite monument within 25% of the lot.

Heritage Park Garden Lot


Lot Price: 2,224,000 - 2,800,000
                (click here for price list)
Transfer Fee : 5,000
Lot size: 8 plots 4.00m x 4.88m (19.52 sq.m.)

Capacity: Up to 8 double depth burials for a total of of 16 full body vaults Or 64 cremation/bone vaults

Memorial Structure: Up to 18” high granite monument within the buildable area and 6 solid 16”x28”x3” granite or bronze markers within the remaining plots are allowed.

The Heritage Park Estate Lot - Mausoleum Memorial Lot

For families who seek to build a lasting and truly fitting monument to their loved ones. The Heritage Park presents its Estate Lots. Located in prime sites within the Park, it is also the largest of our available lot packages. Estate lots can contain up to 32 full body vaults at double depth burials. With an Estate Lot, families can have the option of building a Mausoleum to further commemorate the lives of their dearly departed.

Heritge Park Estate Lot

Lot Price : 20,160,000
                   (click here for price list) 
Transfer Fee: 14,000
Lot size:    16 plots 9.76m x 4.00m      (39.04 sq.m.)
Capacity:    Up to 16 double depth burials for a total of of 32 full body vaults.
Above ground burials for full bodys, cremated and bone remains are allowed depending  on the pre-approved design.

Memorial Structure:   Private Mausoleum with dimensions and specifications conforming to the Park’s Memorial Installation Standards and Guidelines.

Disclaimer: The sole purpose of this is for announcement and general information of Heritage Park. 

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