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"When your time comes, will your loved ones be ready? or vice versa . "

A lot of people still tried to evade this question or topics about memorial plans,some people think they are too young to talk about it and some are not really aware that there is such thing as memorial plan.

Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. (Read More)
Yes, death is certain and unpredictable but we could prepare for it and be protected by all the expenses that comes along after death via Pre-need Memorial Plans.

There are three things that we should prepare for:
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1. Memorial Lots or Columbary Niche
2. Mortuary Plans or Cremation Plans 
3. Interment Plans

The good thing being able to get a plan as early as today is that flexible/longer terms is available and cheaper given the fact that services price increases.

Be secured today. Call our agents at : (02) 938 61 73 / 0927 766 19 11 to know more info. 
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