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Heritage Park Taguig - Aeternum Columbary -Anthurium

Cremation is the process of burning a dead body at very high temperatures until there are only brittle, calcified bones left, which are then pulverized into "ashes." These ashes can be kept in an urn, buried, or kept in a “columbary”.

A COLUMBARY is a repository for the remains of cremated bodies. It is intended for the reverent and usually public storage of cinerary urns.

Aeternum Columbary is a floral theme and garden setting columbary in Heritage Park , Taguig -  A sanctuary of memories and haven for those who were left behind .

Heritage Park Taguig - Aeternum Columbary - Elevation 

Heritage Park Taguig - Aeternum Columbary - Dimension

With the rising popularity of cremations, it isn't surprising nowadays to find various columbaries offering their facilities and services to the public. But among the multitude, only one truly stands out among its contemporaries, the Aeternum, the country's first True Garden Columbary.

While others offer only concrete and steel, the Aeternum provides a lush haven fit for remembrance. But aside from its main purpose as a place for memorializing dearly departed loved ones, Aeternum can also serve as a venue for a family get together or activity. Take a stroll to our grounds and experience firsthand the Aeternum difference.

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Heritage Park - Aeternum Columbary Blocks
Heritage Park - Aeternum Columbary  Ground Flr

Heritage Park -Aeternum Columbary Niche Levels
Heritage Park - Aeternum Columbary 2nd Flr


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